The Fondation Georges Rouault

The mission of the Fondation Georges Rouault, via this website, is to promote the work of Georges Rouault and provide information on news and events dedicated to the artist.

The headquarters of the Fondation Georges Rouault is located in Paris near the Gare de Lyon in the apartment where the artist lived and painted during the final years of his life. His studio, his paintbrushes, tools, colours and work tables, have been preserved as they were in the 1950s. The artist’s former home conserves a vast amount of information on the artist’s work and artistic techniques and is accessible to researchers on request.

Rouault 1951 and Marthe in front of Miserere © Ina Bandy
Georges Rouault and Marthe in front of Miserere, 1951
About the Foundation
Fondation Georges Rouault

What is the Fondation Georges Rouault?

Founded in 1992, the Georges Rouault Foundation was created on the initiative and generosity of the artist’s four children and in particular his daughter, Isabelle, who dedicated her life to her father’s work.

  • Its mission is to ensure the respect and promotion of the artist’s work.
  • It assists copyright holders in the exercise of their rights, via the intermediary of the Comité Georges Rouault, issuing certificates of authenticity and identifying forgeries.
  • It is also a research and study centre with a collection of precious documents and archives on the work of Georges Rouault.
  • Finally, it maintains permanent contact with museums around the world who conserve, exhibit and promote many of the artist’s masterpieces. The large donation made to the State in 1963 by the artist’s four children paved the way for perennial and fruitful partnerships with the Pompidou Centre MNAM/CCI Paris and to extensively promote the work of Georges Rouault.

The actions of the foundation include the authentication of works and the detection of forgeries via the Comité Georges Rouault as well as publications, holding conferences, exhibitions, or any other events, as well as providing archives on the life and work of the artist, opening Rouault’s former studio and apartment to students and researchers.