The Rouault Foundation
The Rouault Foundation, through this site, wishes to raise awareness of the works of Georges Rouault and inform art lovers about news and events concerning the artist.  The Rouault Foundation was created thanks to the initiative and generosity of George Rouault’s four children, and in particular, his daughter Isabelle, who consecrated her entire life to the work of her father.

The goal of this Foundation is to ensure the integrity and promotion of the artist’s works.  The Foundation assists the holder of copyright in the exercise of their rights, notably to authenticate works and identify fakes. It is also a study centre for researchers who can find precious documents and archives about George Rouault’s works.  Finally it ensures a permanent contact with the museums who have benefited from numerous donations made by the family of Georges Rouault and in particular the extraordinary donation made to the French State in 1963 which is presented at the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

The headquarters of the Rouault Foundation are situated in Paris next to the Gare de Lyon in the apartment where the artist spent the last years of his life and where he painted numerous works.  His studio has been conserved in the state in which he left it in the 1950s.

The breadth and depth of the work which Georges Rouault accomplished during more than sixty years is considerable and we still do not know its full extent.  However, we hope that by consulting this site you will know and understand it better.

The Rouault Foundation can be contacted:
-  by email:

-  by post addressed to the President at the following address:
Fondation Georges Rouault, 2 rue Emile Gilbert, 75012 Paris

-  by telephone/fax: +33 (0)1 43 43 52 27

The Rouault Foundation thanks Anne Sebag for the text, Stephanie Sandoz for the design and Thom McIntosh and Caroline Rouault for the construction of the site.