Maturity 1930-48
Rouault’s more contained art of the twenties leads to the peaceful and sharply coloured grace which inaugurates his works of the thirties. The drawing more static and the palette more brilliant translate a spiritual harmony which only increases with time. The works nevertheless celebrate the beauty of nature (flowers, landscapes, nudes) and manifest a new decorative concern (arabesques, borders).

Sexagenarian, Rouault benefits from a certain financial security and world-wide recognition. If Rouault has a more serene and stable life, he nevertheless lives through a new war and experiences the anxiety of a lawsuit with the heirs of Ambrose Vollard, who died in an accident in 1939. In the solitude of his studio, during the Second World War, he concentrates on the play of lines, shapes and colours and finishes a large number of important works. More and more his paintings reflect a dreamlike interior world. The tragic realism of the Girls and Judges leaves its place to introverted and contemplative figures. His painting becomes more and more spiritual and sacred.

Buste de femme, 1939

Fleurs décoratives, 1939

Nicodème, 1940-1948